Oakstyle World

The OakStyle Original in classic Shaker style has been the most popular large aquarium in the UK for the last two years and it's still getting better. The range, which is constantly expanding to offer something for every taste and to fit into any modern living room, now features 6 different editions from the Original OakStyle in Shaker design, to country house asthetics with the Shades Collection to the more modern takes of the Urban Edition and the OakStyle Moda.  

Available in 85L, 110L, 145L, 230L and 300L.



The Aqua One Horizon aquarium range aims to be the perfect compromise between, stunning fish tank set and affordability. Available in 3 sizes from 65 litres, 130 litres to 182 litres, this aquarium really delivers on stunning looks at an affordable price, which is what makes this tank so popular. Matched with a modern Styleline cabinet, and complete with LED lighting, heater and internal filter, this aquarium set has everything you need to 'plug and play'.


Platform 21

The Platform 21 Aquarium desktop fish tank is a real eyecatcher. It is designed to give the aquarium a floating effect over the base.

It comes complete with a fully removable glass lid for easy cleaning, preventing water loss and keeping your aquatic friends safe.

The integrated light features blue night lights as well as RGB LED's to enhance the fish's colours.


Arc 46  

The Arc 46 by Aqua One is a contemporary desktop aquarium for the modern home. 

The proven back filter has been taken from our successful AquaNano range and incorporates the same carbon cartridges for perfect water quality. A chamber is supplied for the addition of a heater, should you want to use this aquarium as a tropical set-up.

The curved design of the front glass continues through with the LED light. This features blue night lights as well as RGB LEDs to enhance the fish's colours. The unit is also dimmable through its touch control pad. 


Dynamic 58

The unusually shaped Dynamic 58 has a strikingly tall appearance that will be a
real eye-catcher in your home, whilst fitting into even small rooms
due to its space saving design. 

The immediate impression of extra height this fish tank gives is reinforced through
the tall, contemporary style pendant lamp that boasts a powerful LED light.

The water is kept clean through a highly effective internal box filter.


Betta Trio

Create a Betta world with this stylish little 3 in 1 fish tank, purpose designed to
accommodate Bettas or water creatures with similar requirements, such as shrimp. 

As long as the water parameters and temperature requirements are compatible,
you can keep up to 3 different species separately in the Betta Trio. The separation walls are
blacked out so that the Bettas cannot see each other because that could cause distress.

The filter system features sponges and carbon cartridges, as well as ceramic media to
ensure great water quality.


We can order any tanks or spare parts that you need.