Internal Filters


We have a large selection of different brand internal fish tank filters.


Fluval U Series

Designed for use in both fresh and saltwater applications, U series underwater filters offer superior water purification, movement and aeration capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a submersible filter that offers multi-stage cleaning, quiet operation, versatile horizontal and vertical mounting options or ultra fast media changes, U series has something to offer everyone. U series filters are also great for terrariums and turtle tanks.


Interpet CF Catridge Filter

Your CF Filter is full of all the essentials you need for a healthy and clean aquarium. Your water will stay balanced thanks to ceramic tubes which host good bacteria. Mechanical floss cartridges sieve out waste and activated carbon purifies the water of any hidden nasties. And if that wasn't enough, clever algae  prevention spheres help keep that dreaded green glow at a minimum.

Cleaning your filter is a dream; simply flip up the hinged lid and remove the old cartridge, replacing it with a fresh clean one. It couldn't be easier!Replacement cartridges are easily available in packs of 1 or 3.


Aquael Turbo Internal Filter

The TURBO filters are truly unique in that they combine the advantages of internal filters with the versatility of external filters. The additional container is factory-equipped with biological filtration media. Containers can be freely combined to create the required filter configuration (e.g. by adding media for chemical filtration). It is the only such filter in the market!


Betta Internal Filters

Betta Aquarium Internal Filters are suitable for use in indoor aquariums. The filter is easy and simple to use. It features a high output pump and an easy-to-clean filter sponge. This product is recommended for use with all tropical and coldwater fish.


Fish R Fun Internal Filters

Fish 'R' Fun Internal Filter offers a quality aquatic filtration system. The sponge filter insert works by mechanically trapping solid waste and allowing a space where biologically beneficial bacteria can flourish, converting dangerous ammonia into the less harmful nitrite then nitrate. Ideal for maintaining a clean aquatic  environment for tropical and cold-water fish. Internal filter comes with a sponge filter and carbon, and zeolite.