Air Pumps


Eheim Air 

There are three models with a pump outlet from 100, 200 (2 x 100) and 400 (2 x 200) l/h, on which the smallest model has one and the two larger ones both have two individually adjustable air outlets. And they come equipped with one or two EHEIM diffusors. The air flow can be regulated at each outlet on the pump and also on each diffusor. This allows you to set your own individual bubble effect.      

By the way: Vibration-resistant rubber feet also contribute to smooth run-ning. The air pump stays still and doesn’t “wander about”. Or you can hang it vertically on the aquarium glass. Specially for this there is a hook.


Fluval Q Air Pumps

The Q Air Pump series produces consistent air flow and is among the quietest models available thanks to an integrated pump well and noise-suppressing baffle chamber.


Tetras APS Air Pumps

  • Pleasantly quiet running, thanks to sound-absorbing chambers
  • Very quiet operation, thanks to innovative technology, stable housing and special vibration-absorbing rubber feet
  • excellent quality and reliability
  • Highly consistent air flow thanks to powerful, durable membrane


Hugo Kamishi AP

Hugo Kamishi air pumps come in different sizes. AP 200 (1 Outlet) AP 400 (2 Outlets) AP 600 (2 Outlets)

They all have variable control and come with airline, check valve and air stones.



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